We are your neighbors, community leaders, business owners, professionals, retired executives and so much more...

WE-GO Members assembled a community reading library.

Our Members are making the world a better place to live, work and play.


The WE-GO membership represents a diverse group of people who share a common sense of purpose working to make this world a better place to live, work and play.  Our members represent a cross section of vocational classifications in our region.  They have varied interests and working experiences.  Each brings a special passion and energy devoted to service.  Initially, members join on a provisional basis - and are assigned an area of interest to explore and learn.  We look for special people who desire to give back to the community in what ever avenue of service they can afford - for what ever time they can afford.  There are no strict rules governing membership, other than we commit to our shared purpose and pay our dues.  That comes with expectations to make meetings - in person or online - so we can afford the planning, effort and results we strive to achieve by working together.  Makeups can earned by attending any Rotary meeting, giving of service or working on behalf of the club on internal efforts such as the website, newsletter and establishing programs.  We seek people who wish to place a high priority on the service they can give to others - following ethical conduct guided by what Rotary calls our Four Way Test.  

Interested?  Come and be our guest at one of our upcoming meetings and meet the Rotarians in our club.       

Our Members

  • David Moldoff
    David K. MoldoffComputer Software
  • William Retalick
    William RetallickChemical Engineer
  • Bronwyn MartinFinancial Advisor
  • Mark Rudiger
    Mark RudigerFinancial Advisor
  • William Hicks
    William HicksReal Estate
  • Robert Bielski
    Robert BielskiProfessor
  • Dixie Peters
    Dixie PetersGlobal Marketing
  • Robert Thomas
    Robert ThomasAccountant
  • Edward Olsavicky
    Edward OlsavickyReal Estate
  • Carol Baker
    Carol BakerTeacher
  • John O'Brien
    John O'BrienFlight Safety
  • Lou Karman
    Lou KarmanManufacturing
  • Keath Fetter
    Keath FetterAttorney
  • Joseph Kahn
    Joseph KahnEntomologist
  • John Spellman
    John SpellmanDentistry
  • Pete Galantino
    Pete GalantinoConcrete Contractor
  • Tom Corcoran
    Tom CorcoranAccounting
  • Howard Currel
    Howard CurrelManufacturer
  • Reese Davis
    Reese DavisPlant Engineer
  • Chris Baldwin
    Chris BaldwinHotel Management
  •  Alyssa Harnish
    Alyssa HarnishTalent Management
  • Barb DeBaptiste
    Barb DeBaptisteReal Estate
  • Steve Karp
    Steve KarpReal Estate

WE-GO Meeting Makeup Request

Need a quick meeting makeup?  Complete the WE-GO Makeup form, make a donation and get an email Makeup from WE-GO Rotary Secretary.  It is simple and quick. 

Makeup Request

Make an online WE-GO Dollars payment.



Share a personal story or event with our members. Please optionally donate $5.00 to be used to support club membership projects. WE-GO has a 501C(3) Foundation. You can restrict your donation to a specific project or purpose - such as Tackling Hunger, Fighting Polio, Supporting Student Exchange, Improving Water Resources, etc.  

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